Gladstone Land

Gladstone Land Corporation (common stock listed on NASDAQ: LAND) is a real estate investment company that specializes in purchasing farms and farm-related properties and leasing them to farmers.

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Our Properties
Gladstone Land owns farmland in Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon, and Michigan with an appraised value over $113 Million. We are actively seeking other farm properties to purchase across the United States.

Our Business
Gladstone Land acquires farmland that it rents to corporate and independent farmers on a triple-net lease basis, an arrangement under which the farmer maintains the property while paying rent to Gladstone Land. We offer land owners and farmers the following options:

1. For sellers that farm the land, we offer a long-term sale leaseback transaction which allows farmers to free up capital to repay existing indebtedness, grow their farming operations, reitre or for other business endevours.

2. For sellers that do not farm the land, we will purchase the property and keep the existing tenant on the farm with a long-term lease.

3. For farmers that find properties they want to farm, but not own, we may purchase the farm and rent it to the farmer with flexible lease terms.

Our Goal
Our goal is to build the premier farmland real estate company focused on ownership of high quality farms and farm-related properties that are leased on a triple-net basis lease to good tenants.

Price Data
2013 Progress Report

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